Willem Foorthuis

Presentation Title
rural areas in transition

Notes from presentation:

  • Regional transition is a big problem, outsiders are certainly needed to help.
  • Young people are the key.
  • 16m Dutch citizens in 43 regions, which each have their own unique problems.
  • Regional cooperation is important.
  • 15 regions are organised in a similar way and all want regional cooperation.
  • They have a new kind of government and several educational projects.
  • Plan is to bring the innovators and students together in a primary process.
  • The doers need to connect with the educational institutions and focus on the learning rather than the doing.
  • Need to take the project for the region to the schools and universities – create a learning environment by asking each other questions.
  • Looking for a regional innovation programme to develop knowledge, agenda and projects.
  • Should plan for the future and sign a regional contract.
  • The knowledge agenda should have a good project, specific aims, defined hours and a clear budget.
  • Ministry of Agriculture is helping with this now, in future, region should do this alone.
  • Aim is that the workplace should consist of lots of parties working together – students, experts, stakeholders, government, teachers and client.
  • Key is to involve young people – they need to be invited to next conference!
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