Christian Noack

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Holstein shire - a branding example of a rural area


Regional Manager, LAG AktivRegion Holsteiner Auenland e.V., Germany (LEADER Region)

Notes on presentation:

  • Area: Holsteiner Auenland, now known as ‚ÄúHolstein shire‚Äù
  • Brand needs to be unique, have consistent marketing and deliver its promise
  • In 2008, 6 regions became 21 to receive European funding of Euro 300,000 each, which they can use as they wish
  • They can also get up to Euro 600,000 from state-wide contests
  • There are 92,000 inhabitants spread over 800km2
  • Proximity to Hamburg is important
  • Other attempts at development include 400km of horse-riding trails in 2004
  • In 2007, region represented state at Berlin International Green Week. People took pride in region and it was a huge success in terms of tourism
  • Corporate design was created ‚ÄúHolstein shire‚Äù with logo and mascot
  • Results starting to show eg companies and internal events using logo on their ads
  • Important to have support of press
  • 2008 identified 3 improvement areas: Broadband connection, Energy saving projects, Basic service functions in small villages
  • Much progress has therefore been made, but there are still challenges ahead ‚Äì overbranding is a risk and finding a unique brand is hard
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